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Just for the Best Website Design and Planning

From a simple personal blog to a more developed ecommerce site, WordPress has quickly become a benchmark software for creating websites. Winner of the Best Open Source CMS Award in 2009, according to the website of the company Built With, it now represents 38% of the global web. It is the software that houses the blogs of Star Wars, The New Yorker, Google Ventures or eBay. But what makes the design of a site on WordPress so attractive? Let’s discover the assets of the most famous CMS.

Open Source

Since its creation WordPress has become the most widely used CMS in the world and is constantly evolving thanks to its community which has a lot of enthusiasts! Web experts empowered to find a multitude of resources allow the CMS to constantly monitor the evolution of web standards. The open source or community formula seems to work and please as many people study and improve the software by creating themes, plug-ins or by answering technical support questions. The best website design in singapore can be useful here.

SEO Optimized

If WordPress is known for its web referencing, it’s because it was created using a quality code that naturally includes semantic tags that boost the SEO sites it hosts. These tags allow search engines to easily analyze the HTML code of a content before classifying it. Also, the software also includes hundreds of downloadable, SEO- friendly modules like Yoast SEO which is especially appreciated by search engines.


WordPress is free of charge for registration and use and you will only have to spend money if you want certain features or additional tools. It is also possible to buy an advanced theme or a specialized extension to obtain a more complex site at very reasonable prices. In this case, you will benefit in addition to the support of the community and will evolve the platform.

Simple and intuitive

Used by millions of neophyte users as web experts, WordPress is also appreciated and recognized for its simplicity of installation and use thanks to its intuitive administrative interface which allows to manage the container as the content. The biggest technical part is really supported by the software. Users then appreciate being able to focus on their content of any type: images, videos, texts, audio. For the good at website design services you can expect the best.

Customizable and adapted to mobile websites

With about 4000 varied and modular themes, WordPress allows the creation of a personalized container that reflects the image you want to give to your site. Note that there is a theme for just about every subject and they are all designed to fit all platforms, computers, tablets or cell phones. Also very flexible, WordPress allows among other things, the modification of the site by several users at the same time, has an interface in more than 40 languages ​​and an automatic structuring of the content.


The fact that it is the most used CMS in the world of course exposes the most severe hacking attempts, but that is why WordPress has previously protection against spam and a publication of password protected items. However for even more protection the software offers several plug-ins to download as WP-DBManager for content backup.